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No other city in the world has such strong ties to football as the Bristish capital. Therefore the title "Capital of football" seems to be more than appropriate. But even besides football, London is one of the most impressive cities worldwide.

London, the city

London is Europe's most important metropolis. More than 7 Mio people live within the city, even 12 Mios in the metro area. The history of London goes back as far as 50 AD.

London, that's not only the Big Ben, trendy Notting Hill or the Piccadilly Circus. It's grey concrete jungles and dull subrubs as well. But exactly these contrasts add up to an interesting and diverse city. Diversity is, what describes London's inhabitans best. Besides large communities from Commonwealth countries (e.g. India or Pakistan), people from all over the world have come to live in London.

Being located in the south east of England, close to the Themse eastuary, London is very accessible from all over Europe. Numerous airports are the gate for millions of tourists every year.

London and football

With thirteen professional football clubs within the city borders and even more clubs in the metro area, London offers a density of football teams. like no other city in the world. The clubs are all very different, just like the people living in London and nearly every (British) citizen has a favorite team.

Besides club football, London is the location of the English Football Association and hosts every international fixtures of the England squad at Wembley stadium. In the past, London hostes matches, inculding the finals, of World Cup '66 and the European Cup '96.

The prosperity of London's football clubs, combined with an impressive, vibrant city, makes London the perfect travel destination for football fans.


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